Payment Methods

We offer a variety of payment methods to meet the needs of our passengers.

Credit Card

Payment types Payment Methods Payment Deadline *1

Credit card
Please contact your credit card company for the date of withdrawal of the payment. Installment paymen is not acceptable. Up to 20 minutes prior to the departure time

If payment is not completed by the purchase deadline, the reservation will be automatically canceled.
We recommend that you purchase your ticket by credit card to prevent forgetting to purchase it later.

Convenience store

Payment types Payment Methods Payment Deadline *1

Please print out the payment slip with your printer and take it to a store. You can also acquire the ‘payment slip number’ with your mobile phone. Payable in cash only. One day before the boarding date

Lawson / Ministop
Please issue an application ticket by the multimedia terminal, and then pay in cash at the cash register. 20 minutes prior to departure time


Daily Yamazaki

Daily Yamazaki is not for the payment of flight tickets reserved by the web-site for smartphones.
  • *1
    Please note that there are deadlines for making reservations and ticket purchase depending on the fare type.
    If you wish to pay at a convenience store, please complete the payment at the cash register within the payment deadline.


  • You can also pay at Star Flyer check-in counters and travel agencies.
  • Click here for information on issuing receipts.

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Customers with a ticket reservation

Customers who have completed their reservations can view the details of their reservations from the following list of reservations, and can change or cancel a seat reservation.

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