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The aircraft used by Star Flyer is an Airbus A320. The entire design including the body of the aircraft was undertaken by designer Tatsuya Matsui to create a beautiful and sophisticated aircraft under the theme of “21st Century Modern”. The aircraft is designed so that passengers can live out their dreams and hopes with this aircraft that delivers a unique attention to detail.

 Airbus A320 Maximum takeoff weight: 70/77 t, Total length: 37.57 m, Total width: 34.10 m, Total height: 11.76 m, Cruise speed: 840 km/h, Cruising range: 5,500 km

Seat Map


150-seat capacity


150-seat capacity

A320neoJA28MC (Free Wi-Fi service)

162-seat capacity

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    The specifications for seats vary depending on the aircraft.
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    We ask passengers sitting in exit row seats (rows 11/12 or only row 11 in some aircraft), to ask for assistance at the time of an emergency evacuation in the unlikely event that one is required.
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    There are diaper changing tables in the washrooms at the front and back of the aircraft.
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    Please be aware that it may be difficult to see outside scenery from window seats obstructed by either wing.

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