Connecting flight information

Passengers with connecting flights on partner airlines (ANA (Japan domestic flights), AIR DO and Solaseed Air) may complete boarding and check their luggage from the departure airport to the final destination airport.

Transfer times (Japan domestic flight to/from Japan domestic flight)

Transfer times are established for passengers to transfer to connecting flights with partner airlines (ANA (Japan domestic flights), AIR DO and Solaseed Air). Use the following table of transfer times as a guide when you make reservations, keeping in mind to allow yourself ample time. Please keep in mind that you may not be able to make a transfer due to delays or other reasons even when there is ample transfer time. Thank you for your understanding.

Transfer Airport Transfer time
Haneda (Tokyo) To/from Terminal 1*1 - Terminal 2*2 50 minutes or more
To/from Terminal 1*1 - Terminal 1*1 35 minutes or more
Kansai (Osaka) 25 minutes or more
To/from Chubu (Nagoya) - Fukuoka - Kitakyushu 20 minutes or more
  • *1
    Terminal 1 Departure/Arrival: SFJ flights (Kitakyushu route/Fukuoka route/Kansai route/Yamaguchi-Ube route)
  • *2
    Terminal 2 Departure/Arrival: ANA flights/AIRDO flights/Solaseed Air flights
  • *
    There are no transfer times set for JAL Group and other airlines with whom there is no contract of carriage and who are not partner airlines like ANA, AIR DO and Solaseed Air. Be sure to allow enough time to transfer flights, and plan to finish check-in within the time allotted by the airline to which you will transfer. If you have any questions, please contact the airlines to which you will transfer.
  • *

    ANA (domestic flights) AIRDO and Solaseed Air depart from Terminal 2. Therefore, if the passenger needs to transfer at Haneda Airport, they must travel to other terminals.
    Passengers can use the free shuttle bus or walk to move between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

    When using the free shuttle bus to travel between terminals
    A free shuttle bus is provided for travel between terminals in Haneda Airport. For details, please refer to the Haneda Airport Official Website.
    Bus stops: No. 8 Bus Stop, 1F of Terminal 1; No. 9 Bus Stop, 1F of Terminal 2
    When walking between terminals
    Underground passageways have been constructed between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 (with moving walkways). The walking time is about 10 minutes (estimated).

  • *
    When traveling from Kitakyushu Airport and transferring to an international flight at Haneda Airport, passengers can only complete the boarding procedures and luggage check-in for the flight from Kitakyushu Airport to Haneda Airport (domestic segment) (through-check is not available). After arriving at Haneda Airport, please go to the international terminal to complete the procedures.

Making Connections with SKiP Service

If a travel itinerary with connections is covered by the same reservation, you can use SKiP Service to board up to three flights. Scan your e-Ticket Itinerary Receipt with your reservation information up to your final destination or other 2D barcode with the SKiP Service terminal at the security checkpoint in order to board.

  • *
    SKiP Service might be unavailable in some cases.

SKiP Service is a registered trademark of ANA.

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