Payment of Accommodation and Transportation Fees

We deeply apologize for any inconvenience to our passengers as a result of delayed or canceled flights due to reasons attributable to us at Star Flyer.
In the event of a delayed or canceled flight due to reasons attributable to Star Flyer such as aircraft malfunction, etc., we will pay the following reimbursable costs within the scope determined by us at Star Flyer.

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    Delayed or canceled flights due to force majeure, such as bad weather or runway closures, are exempt from compensation.
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    The original receipt (a copy is not acceptable) is required for procedural purposes.

We will reimburse the following transportation expenses, accommodation expenses, and costs of purchasing a ticket with another airline.
*We are unable to bear the costs of food and drinks.

Transportation and accommodation expenses Reimbursable accommodation costs when a delayed or reserved flight cannot be transferred to an alternative transportation means up to the arrival airport on the same day and transfer is made the following day or later
Reimbursement costs when there is no regular public transportation from the airport to the final destination
*The total accommodation / transportation expenses are limited to JPY 15,000.
Cost of other airline tickets If the ticket of another airline is purchased due to a delayed or canceled flight, we will reimburse the cost difference from the Star Flyer ticket
(No refunds will be claimed for Star Flyer tickets, and the cost of the ticket purchased from a different airline will be paid in full by the customer.)

[Transportation Expenses]

Transportation expenses refer to regular public transportation (buses, Shinkansen, etc.). Taxis are excluded from transportation expenses.
We will cover the cost of tickets or express tickets only.

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    We cannot cover the cost of green seats or reserved seats. Thank you for your understanding.

Being Reimbursed

Please prepare a note with the following required items and the original receipts (a copy is not acceptable), and complete the reimbursement procedures at a check-in counter or by post within 10 days from the reserved flight departure date.

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    When sending by post, we ask that you ensure it arrives within 10 days.
  • *
    Please note that we are unable to return the receipts.

Required items

  • Passenger’s name (if there is more than one passenger, please write everyone's name)
  • Name of representative (please specify in the event there is more than one passenger)
  • Information on your reserved flight that was canceled or delayed
    Date, journey, flight number, confirmation number (if the confirmation number of your companions is different, please write the confirmation numbers for everyone)
  • A phone number that we can contact you on during the day (we may confirm the details of your claim by phone)
  • Bank account details for payment transfer
    Name of financial institution, branch name, branch code, account holder, account type (savings, current account, etc.), account number
  • Details of reimbursed expenses
    • Transportation expenses (actual cost, transportation means used, itinerary)
    • Accommodation expenses (actual cost, name of hotel or ryokan, etc.)

Delivery address

Address to: Person in charge of bank transfer requests at Star Flyer Ticket Center
Shin-Kokura Bldg., 2-2-1 Komemachi, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka 802-0003 Japan

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