Online Receipt Service

The Online Receipt Service is a service that allows receipt to be displayed on the PC website for tickets purchased on the Star Flyer official website, at the SFJ check-in counter, or via the SF Call Center (Japan domestic flight reservation and information center).

  • *This service cannot be used for tickets purchased at ANA check-in counters.

Displaying Receipt Online

  • Applicable to reservations for up to 2 flights and up to 6 people.
  • If you cancel the reservation and make it an open ticket, the flight number in the receipt will be that of the initial reserved flight.
  • The addressee of a receipt can be changed.
  • It is possible to select whether to display a detailed breakdown.
  • *The Online Receipt Service cannot be used in the following cases.
  • If the ticket was issued through SF-Biz (our online service for corporate customers)
  • If you want a receipt for just the cost difference caused by a reservation change, etc.
  • When purchasing your ticket from somewhere other than directly from Star Flyer, such as at a travel agency or convenience store, etc.
  • If the ticket is a Benefit Flight ticket or the like for which the total cost is JPY 0.
  • In the case of a joint-flight ticket issued by another airline

How to Use the Online Receipt Service

The procedure has been summarized for each situation in which a receipt is issued.

Reserve flight

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Change/confirm reservations

Customers with a ticket reservation

Customers who have completed their reservations can view the details of their reservations from the following list of reservations, and can change or cancel a seat reservation.

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Check the Flight Status

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Reserve a flight ticket + lodging