Flex Traveler Program

The Flex Traveler Program identifies self-nominated customers who agree to the alternative public transportation our company provides and an amount of compensation for their cooperation in changing flights when the number of passengers who have completed their reservations for a flight exceeds the number of seats available for the flight. Our company provides customers who agree to participate in this program with alternative public transportation and payment of compensation for their cooperation.

  • 1.
    The company is always looking for customers who self-nominate to participation in the program by using the alternative public transportation and accepting the compensation for cooperation we propose. The program does not require advance registration.
  • 2.
    Customers who participate are paid the following compensation for cooperation.
Alternative public transportation date* Compensation
Same day JPY 10,000
Following day or later JPY 20,000
  • *
    The alternative public transportation date refers to the date on which a passenger departs on alternative public transportation.
  • 3.
    If the departure date for alternative public transportation proposed by our company is the following date or later, we will provide lodging expenses within a range determined by the company in addition to the above compensation.
  • 4.
    If a customer requests a refund of the ticket in question in place of providing alternative public transportation, we will refund the ticket purchase price after deducting certain fees. We will also pay compensation for cooperation in such a case.

Payment of the compensation for cooperation mentioned above is limited to customers who meet the following conditions.

  • Hold reservations for the flight
  • Purchase a ticket for the reserved flight at least 20 minutes before the departure time

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