Checking in baggage

Baggage to check in

Passengers who will check in baggage should go to the baggage counter in the departure lobby at least 20 minutes prior to departure time. Please show your e-Ticket Itinerary Receipt or the 2D barcode downloaded to your cell phone at the baggage counter. You may use the SKiP Service even if you have baggage to check in.

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Size A total of 203 cm or less in 3 dimensions*1
Weight Up to 20 kg of baggage can be checked per person. *2
Quantity No quantity limit*3
  • *1
    To check in large baggage in excess of a total 203 cm in 3 dimensions, please contact SF CALL CENTER (Japan Domestic Flight Reservation and Information Center) in advance. However, you may not be able to check in such luggage due to space allowances.
  • *2
    Baggage in excess of 20 kg may be checked in for an excess baggage charge.
    However, baggage may not be checked in if the weight of 1 item exceeds 32 or a total 100 kg per passenger.
  • *3
    However, the baggage does not exceed the maximum limit for size and weight

Excess baggage charge

  • 1kg to 10kg
    JPY 2,500
  • 11kg to 20kg
    JPY 3,500
  • 21kg to 30kg
    JPY 4,500
  • For each additional 10 kg
    + JPY 1,000
  • *
    Nationwide flat rate

Items to which the following apply may not be checked in and must be carried on.

  • Items of high value

    Cash, jewels, valuables, securities, stock certificates, art and fine antiques

  • Valuables

    Documents, electronic data, tickets and other personally identifying information required to travel, samples, credit cards, cash vouchers, bankbooks, checks, commuter passes, keys, PCs and other devices, cell phones, cameras, digital cameras, video cameras, medicines, paintings, watches, keepsakes and other valuables

  • Fragile items

    Pottery, glass items, alcohol or other beverages in glass bottles and other easily breakable items Also note that some alcoholic beverages may be considered dangerous goods depending on the alcohol content.

    Click here for details (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism website).

  • *
    Your checked baggage will be treated with care, but in the event of damage, the company will follow procedures outlined in Domestic Conditions of Carriage. If you find damage at arrival, please notify airport staff immediately.
    If you find damage after leaving the airport, notify the check-in counter at the arrival airport within 7 days of the day after your arrival date. Please note that we may not be able to respond to notifications of such after a period of limitation.
    Baggage damaged due to excess weight or excess quantity, damage caused by aging and defects inherent in the baggage itself, damage to removable casters, straps, hooks, name tags, belts and other protruding attachments, minor wear (scratches, cuts, dents and soil) are outside the scope of transportation responsibility. Thank you for your understanding.

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