This fare is only available to foreign tourists visiting Japan.

Fly JAPAN Value Fare

This fare is only available to foreign tourists visiting Japan.

This fare is not available for residents in Japan.

JPY 9,000 per flight
JPY 7,000 per flight
  • *
    The Kitakyushu⇄Okinawa(Naha) route is only offered for a limited time.


Applicable Customers
  • Available only to foreign tourists with foreign passports.
  • Available only when in the possession of a boarding pass for flights arriving/leaving Japan and must be the boarding pass used for your stay in Japan.
  • Please present your passport and flight information (e-ticket) when you check-in.
Booking Available on Starflyer website from the release date until one day prior to boarding.
Purchase Deadline
  • When you have over 4 days (the boarding date not included) until your desired departure date, please purchase within 4 days including the boarding date.
  • However, if you have 1-3 days prior to your desired departure date, please purchase 1 day before the departure.
Change You may not make any changes to your booking. On the day of departure, even if the flight before has a vacant seat, you may not change your flight.
Expiration of
the Boarding Pass
Available only for the booked flight.
Refund No refund will be issued for cancellation due to personal reasons. *Excluding the cases of flight cancellation and serious delays.
Booking and purchasing available online.
  • *
    Online booking only. Not available at the airport counter, call center, or any agent.
Available Seats
  • The number of available seats are limited.
  • Some flights may not apply to this.
Fare for Children There is no child fare discount.
  • *
    Infants under 3 years old who does not require any seating will not be charged.
STAR LINK Mileage Accural Unavailable.


The following Passenger Facility Charges will be charged in addition to airfare on behalf of Haneda Airport, Nagoya (Chubu) Airport, and Kitakyushu Airport when flying to and from these airports.

Adult (12 years old and over)

To/From Haneda Airport To/From Nagoya(Chubu) Airport To/From Kitakyushu Airport
290 yen
310 yen
100 yen

Child (3 years old to under 12 years old)

To/From Haneda Airport To/From Nagoya(Chubu) Airport To/From Kitakyushu Airport
140 yen
150 yen
50 yen
  • *
    The traveler's name and the name on the boarding pass must match. Please note that in the case that the ticket is sold through an online auction, it will not be available to anyone other than the nominee.


1(Age 12+)
0(Age 3-11)
0(Age 0-2)

Verification and modification of reservation

Passengers who have already made reservations can confirm their reservation content, change their seat assignment or cancel their reservation from the reservation list below.