Drinks and Amenities Available on the Aircraft

A great selected drinks and the finest hospitality make the important time and environment of our passengers even more luxurious.


Tully’s Coffee (Original Blend)

A Star Flyer original blend that was co-developed with Tully's Coffee by giving the upmost consideration to the quality of coffee beans so that passengers can enjoy the best cuppa in the sky.
Since taking to the skies in 2006, we serve passengers a coffee that offers a delicious aftertaste made with our unchanging spirit of hospitality.

Carefully selected arabica beans

The coffee is made up of a blend of 3 kinds of beans from Guatemala as well as Colombia and Brazil.
The coffee offers a great balance between sourness and body. Enjoy the exquisite harmony the coffee has with the chocolate served with it that unites to deliver a deep “rich” taste.

Coffee beans country of origin: Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil

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Perfect size with 150 ml (5 ounces) of the finest hot drinks

We offer hot drinks in just the right size so that you’ll finish drinking before it gets cold.


Onion Soup

A rich soup that soaks up the sweetness and deliciousness of onions.

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    Some of the ingredients include wheat,milk,chicken and soybeans.
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Other Drinks

Seasonal Drink
"Kirin Afternoon Tea for HAPPINESS Strawberry Tea from Kumamoto Prefecture"

It is a fruit tea that uses 6% of the tea leaves from Kumamoto Prefecture, which is characterized by a refreshing and gentle taste with little astringency, and combines the elegantly sweet Kumamoto Prefecture original strawberry "Yuubeni (juice 0.1%)".

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Apple Juice

A 100% fruit juice made from Aomori apples.

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Cold green tea “Fukuoka no Yamecha”

A deep, rich, and sweet cold green tea made from 100% of the finest Yamecha picked in the early summer breeze.

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    We also have mineral water.
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    We shall refrain from offering this service to passengers who are resting. When you are awake, please notify one of our cabin attendants.
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    Please note that we will refrain from offering this service while the seat belt sign is on.
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    To prevent passengers from suffering serious burns,we refrain from serving hot drinks to children and to adults holding them.

Amenities and Other Services

If you wish to place an order, please feel free to notify one of our cabin attendants.


Star Flyer original confectionary

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Star Flyer original

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Rental Service

• Blankets [Service unavailable]
• Mobile phone chargers

To Passengers with Small Children

• We offer a rental service for picture books.
• We will help you prepare milk formula on board.
• All aircraft are equipped with a diaper changing table.

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