Information on Advanced Seat Reservation Service

Passengers who have reserved and purchased a ticket can reserve their preferred seat before arriving at the airport.

From Reservation/On-Sale Date to 4 Days before Departure (Excluding Boarding Date)

You can make a seat reservation at the same time you reserve your ticket.
If you do not purchase by the ticket purchase deadline, Advanced Seat Reservation will be automatically canceled together with your ticket reservation.

3 Days Prior to Boarding to Day of Boarding

After purchasing a ticket, you can make a seat reservation.

  • *
    If you are traveling with a small child or need assistance, you will be able to reserve a seat when making a reservation, whether or not you have purchased a ticket.
    For further details, please contact the SF Call Center (Japan domestic flight reservation and information center).

Scope of Advanced Seat Reservation

Seats that can be reserved in advance vary depending on the fare.
Please note that some fares* include additional seats that can be selected from midnight on the day before departure.

  • *


  • *
    Seats are subject to change without notice due to a change in aircraft or other unavoidable circumstances.
  • *
    There are restrictions on the number of seats that can be reserved in advance for reasons such as those related to managing the weight of the aircraft.
  • *
    An Advanced Seat Reservation may not be accepted if the reservation includes a fare for an airline (ANA, AIR DO, Solaseed Air) that provides joint operation, such as for a round trip or connection itinerary. If you are unable to reserve a seat before your flight, please contact the SF Call Center (Japan domestic flight reservation and information center).
  • *
    Passengers traveling with infants cannot select the exit row seats for reasons of safety. A limited number of oxygen masks in seat rows also prevents you from sitting in the same row as another passenger travelling with an infant. Multiple passengers are traveling with infants may select a row in front of or behind each other, or select a seat in the same row with an aisle between them.

Exit Row Seats

Exit row seats are only available to passengers who meet all of the following requirements. In the unlikely event of an emergency evacuation, please request assistance from a cabin attendant. Thank you for your understanding. Passengers who do not meet the requirements below will be asked to move to other seats.

  • 1
    Are 15 years old or over
  • 2
    Do not require an attendant to board or assistance from airport staff
  • 3
    Can open and close the aircraft doors and provide assistance in an emergency evacuation
  • 4
    Understand the evacuation procedures and crew instructions and can communicate them verbally to other passengers
  • 5
    Can converse in Japanese or English
  • 6
    Do not need to assist a companion during an emergency evacuation
  • 7
    Are not travelling with children (7 years old or under)
  • 8
    Agree to assist in an emergency evacuation

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Customers with a ticket reservation

Customers who have completed their reservations can view the details of their reservations from the following list of reservations, and can change or cancel a seat reservation.

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