Misplaced and Lost Tickets

  • It is not possible to reissue a ticket if you have misplaced or lost it. Therefore, you will need to purchase a replacement ticket* at the departure airport on the day of departure.
    • *
      Fares that can be purchased with a replacement ticket are either the standard adult fare, child fare, or the disability discount fare.
  • When purchasing a replacement ticket, please make sure to receive the ‘Double Purchase Certificate’ and keep it in a safe place.

Refunds for Misplaced Tickets

Please claim a refund within the refund period of the misplaced ticket. We will give a refund by subtracting the fixed charge from the fare amount of the replacement ticket.

Documents required for a refund

  • 1
    The misplaced ticket
  • 2
    Double Purchase Certificate
  • 3
    Credit card (in the event you purchased a replacement ticket with a credit card)

Refunds for Lost Tickets

  • 1
    Please submit a lost property report at the check-in counter within the refund validity period of the lost ticket.
  • 2
    After replying in writing approximately three months after the expiration of the refund period, the lost ticket will be refunded with the fixed charges subtracted only in the event it has not been used or already refunded.
  • 3
    Documents required for a refund
    • Double Purchase Certificate
    • Lost property notification
    • Copy of ID
    • *
      Please check other notices to be sent by post.
  • 4
    The following fees will be charged for refunds.
    • Refund Charge
    • Cancellation charge
    • Investigation charge (JPY 2,060 for flight tickets, JPY 1,030 for fare tickets)
    • Bank transfer charge

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