Brand Concept

Mother Comet ~blaze through the world~

Mother Comet creates tens of thousand glowing meteor showers while flying through the sky.

In the same way, Star Flyer gives light to your hopes and dreams with a comfortable flight. We have carried forward the passion and philosophy of the aviation industry created by the Wright brothers, providing our passengers with hospitality born out of a selfless desire to deliver the best possible service in the sky.

Transport for our passengers to shine
A place of rest for our passengers to shine
Hospitality for our passengers to shine

~blaze through the world like a comet~
Star Flyer is an airline that shines and travels around the world like a comet.


The Story up to Our Infamous Black Aircraft

Before we took to the skies as a fully fledged airline, we received three aircraft designs presented by a company called Flower Robotics: ‘Design-conscious’, ‘Luxury’, and ‘Modern’. We eventually settled on an aircraft that was inspired by ‘Modern’ and made use of the gentle curves offered by ‘Luxury’. The founder of Star Flyer, who had been exploring ways to create an unprecedented airline, overcame opposing voices to choose black as the aircraft color. In the aviation industry where black had been avoided as an aircraft color for being unsuitable for an aircraft packed full of machinery because it absorbs sunlight, this attempt was completely unorthodox. After repeated safety verifications with Airbus, we were able to prove that there are in fact actually no problems with having a black aircraft, and thus our current stylish aircraft design was born.

Tatsuya Matsui

Tatsuya Matsui served as the Creative Director of the Company from 2005 to 2007.

Representative of Flower Robotics, Inc.

Born in 1969. Began current role in 2001 after the following career path: MA, Ecole nationale superieure de creation industrielle, Paris, Tange Associates, IBM Lotus France, Inc., Japan Science and Technology Corporation, researcher. Matsui won the 2000 Good Design Award for the humanoid robots “SIG” and “PINO”. He also focuses his efforts on the research and development of robots such as “Posy”, “P-noir”, “Palette”, and “Platina”. He has also exhibited at the Venice Biennale Art Festival and the Museum of Modern Art, New York. In November 2007, ‘Tatsuya Matsui - Flower Robotics Exhibition’ was held at Art Tower Mito.

Flower Robotics


In the category of New Domain Design, Matsui was awarded at the 2006 Good Design Awards (G Mark), a ceremony sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion. Receiving an award for the total design of an airline is unheard of. At Good Design Presentation 2006, Star Flyer exhibited a booth catching the eye of a large number of visitors.

Flower Star Flyer Branding Design [Black × White Total Communication]

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