Corporate Philosophy and Code of Conduct

Corporate Philosophy

We will
continue to be
an impressive airline
with personality, creativity, and hospitality,
cherishing people and their feelings
under safe flights.

We at Star Flyer are an airline that was established to provide passengers and society with new air transport services not available on existing airlines.

The most important thing for an airline is to deliver its passengers and cargo safely and securely to its destination. Safe flights are our mission and the foundation of our business.

In order to provide our passengers with new transport value under safe flights, we put the cherishing of people and their feelings at the core of this objective. We do not simply transport passengers and baggage, but also value the feelings of the passengers themselves and their families as well as their spirit to entrust us with their belongings - this is the core of the transport value that we provide. Also, this philosophy of cherishing ‘people’ and ‘feelings’ is the same among all of our colleagues. In order to provide new transport value, it is essential that our colleagues respect each other and treat each other with compassion. Cherishing people and feelings is also at the core of the job of each and every Star Flyer colleague.

In order to develop the core philosophy of cherishing people and feelings and to provide our unique transport service, it is important that each colleague makes full use of their individuality and creativity and serves passengers with hospitality. The foundations of our service are not limited to established procedures and methods, but to provide services that passengers demand and desire in the moment with a spirit of hospitality. The question of how can we provide our passengers with the individuality, creativity, and hospitality that our competitors cannot match is the reason why this new airline exists.

Putting satisfied smiles on our passengers’ faces for being glad they flew with us is what pleases us and motivates us in our work.

We will continue to provide our passengers with a new style of air transport and new transport value, and will continue to seek new ways of touching the hearts of our passengers.

Code of Conduct

Devoting Ourselves to Safe Flights.

Safe flights are the ultimate responsibility of all of us engaged in air transport.
What’s more, safe flights are our mission as an airline and form the foundation of our business.
We will continue to use our knowledge, experience, and skills and apply our wisdom to maintain safe flights. (From the Safety Charter)

We ensure thorough compliance.

We are aware of our social responsibility as a company, and in order to continue to be a company that is trusted by our passengers and society, we adopt the constant adherence to laws and regulations related to our business activities and other norms as the foundation of our management and ensure this commitment is kept.

We take responsibility and pride in our work.

We will always be aware of the fact that our business of air transport plays an important part in transportation in our daily lives and that each and every one of our jobs will be carried out in order to provide such transportation, and we will engage in our daily work with responsibility and pride.

We think and create from our passenger's perspective.

We always consider services that we provide from the perspective and viewpoint of our passengers. We will think, create, and act in a flexible manner to satisfy our passengers without being bound by precedents, job areas, and frameworks.

We shine with our colleagues and take on challenges together.

We can provide our passengers with a transport service only when we all work together. We work energetically and take on challenges to always be able to provide a transport service that is always new and always one step ahead by trusting each other and working together.

We treat people and society with gratitude and humility.

We will always remember that we are where we are now because we have been supported by many people, including passengers, shareholders and local people, and with a desire to repay the faith they have shown in us, we will contribute by humbly serving people and society.

Enacted: June 20, 2007
Revised: December 20, 2017

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