Airport Check-in Counter (Kitakyushu Airport)

Providing guidance and facility information for the airport check-in counter at Kitakyushu Airport.

Departure information

Flight Terminal Building 2F

Map of Kitakyushu Airport Flight Terminal Building

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    Map is accurate as of February 2017.

For the detailed map, see the Kitakyushu Airport official website.


Check-in at the Kitakyushu Airport 2F SFJ check-in counter.

Check-in counter hours 4:30 - Last flight departure

Arrival information

Use the Kitakyushu Airport 1F Arrival Exit.

Operating hours of Kitakyushu Airport Terminal Building

Kitakyushu Airport Terminal Building 4:30 (1 hour before the first departure) - 25:15 (30 minutes after the final arrival)
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    Please note that passengers may not stay inside the building outside the above time period.
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    Fixed-route buses stop running after our final arrival, but Share Taxis do run in the main areas.

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