Check-in counter (Fukuoka Airport)

Providing guidance and facility information for the airport check-in counter at Fukuoka Airport.


  • Construction is underway to renovate the area around the Japan domestic flight terminal at Fukuoka Airport. Please arrive at the airport a bit early. For details, see Fukuoka Airport website.
  • Together with the closing of Terminal 1 Building on October 5, 2016, Japan domestic flight departures and arrivals will be concentrated at Terminals 2 and 3, and the name changed to Japan Domestic Flight Terminal Building.

Departure information

Japan Domestic Flight Terminal Building

Japan Domestic Flight Terminal Building Map, Fukuoka Airport

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    Map is accurate as of February 2017.

For the detailed map, see the Fukuoka Airport official website.


Check-in is at the ANA check-in counter at Japan Domestic Flight Terminal Building 1F.

Check-in counter hours 6:00 - Last flight departure
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    For Little☆Comet check-in, go to the Counter for Customers Who Need Assistance.

Arrival information

The arrival gate for flights arriving at Fukuoka Airport are different for each flight.
Please check the Information Boards at the airport for the latest information.

Operating hours of Fukuoka Airport Terminal Building

Fukuoka Airport
Japan Domestic Flight Terminal Building
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    Operating hours of the Drop-off/Pick-up Deck (Japan Domestic Flight Terminal Building 4F) are from 7:00 - 21:30.

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