International Flights: Fuel Surcharges

Fuel Surcharge(Fares with a Fuel Surcharge)

At Star Flyer, we charge fuel surcharges (fares with fuel surcharges) when purchasing international flight tickets.
We ask that our customers take on a part of the fuel cost due to the price hikes on aviation fuel.
Thank you for your understanding.

Date of Purchase From Japan From Taipei
Oct.2019,Nov.2019 JPY 2,500 USD 15
Dec.2019,Jan.2020 JPY 2,500 USD 15

Terms and Conditions

  • We ask that adult, child, and infant passengers that require a seat take on the part of the cost in addition to the flight fare and associated taxes. (This includes award tickets).
  • This applies to every flight route per passenger.
  • When billing in Japanese yen, we will use the exchange rate from the period on which the average market price of the Singapore kerosene is based.
  • The following fuel surcharges will apply to Star Flyer flights (International).

Fuel Surcharge

Fuel Surcharge (Fares with a Fuel Surcharge)

The same amount shall be applied to all passengers, including those with award tickets. However, shall not apply to infants who are not occupying a seat.
When billing in Japanese yen, we will use the exchange rate from the period on which the average market price of the Singapore kerosene is based.

Singapore Jet Kerosene From Japan to Taipei (Taoyuan)
Less than JPY 6,000/barrel JPY 0
More than JPY 6,000/barrel ~ Less than JPY 7,000/barrel JPY 500
More than JPY 7,000/barrel ~ Less than JPY 8,000/barrel JPY 1,500
More than JPY 8,000/barrel ~ Less than JPY 9,000/barrel JPY 2,500
More than JPY 9,000/barrel ~ Less than JPY 10,000/barrel JPY 3,500
More than JPY 10,000/barrel ~ Less than JPY 11,000/barrel JPY 4,000
More than JPY 11,000/barrel ~ Less than JPY 12,000/barrel JPY 4,500
More than JPY 12,000/barrel ~ Less than JPY 13,000/barrel JPY 5,000
More than JPY 13,000/barrel ~ Less than JPY 14,000/barrel JPY 6,000
More than JPY 14,000/barrel ~ Less than JPY 15,000/barrel JPY 6,500
Singapore Kerosene From Taipei (Taoyuan) to Japan
Less than USD 60/barrel USD 0
More than USD 60/barrel ~ Less than USD 70/barrel USD 5
More than USD 70/barrel ~ Less than USD 80/barrel USD 15
More than USD 80/barrel ~ Less than USD 90/barrel USD 25
More than USD 90/barrel ~ Less than USD 100/barrel USD 35
More than USD 100/barrel ~ Less than USD 110/barrel USD 40
More than USD 110/barrel ~ Less than USD 120/barrel USD 45
More than USD 120/barrel ~ Less than USD 130/barrel USD 50
More than USD 130/barrel ~ Less than USD 140/barrel USD 60
More than USD 140/barrel ~ Less than USD 150/barrel USD 65
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    Applies to the following purchase dates, based on the average Singapore Kerosene market price for over 2 months.
Period of Calculating the Average Value Purchase Period
Dec.,Jan. Apr.,May
Feb.,Mar. June,July
Apr.,May Aug.,Sept.
June,Jul. Oct.,Nov
Aug.,Sept. Dec.,Jan.
Oct.,Nov. Feb.,Mar.


1(Age 12+)
0(Age 2-11)
0(Age 0-1)
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    Search results for seating availability and airfare may vary per the number of travelers.


Verification and modification of reservation

Passengers who have already made reservations can confirm their reservation content, change their seat assignment or cancel their reservation from the reservation list below.