International Flights: Relaxing Space Design

Our comfortable leather seats and a spatial design that considers our passengers needs promise comfortable air travel to everyone who flies with Star Flyer.

Information on Seats

All Leather Seats

The main feature of Star Flyer is the color of our aircrafts. The interior has also been made black to match this.
We have prepared seats for you to relax in under the concepts of being “comfortable like a private office” and “relaxing like a hotel lounge”.

Seat Pitch (Seat Spacing)

While other airlines’ aircrafts have a maximum of 180 seats, all our aircrafts have a 150-seater capacity. We boldly reduced the number of seats to ensure a comfortable flight.
Taking into account the opinions of passengers who say that “the seats are cramped on aircrafts”, we at Star Flyer are renowned for having spacious seats and wide spaces between each of our seats.


The headrest can be adjusted up and down as well as left and right to just how you want it so that you can sit in the most relaxing way to suit you.


The angle of the footrest can be adjusted at 3 levels to maintain a comfortable posture to suit your body.

  • *
    Press down once and adjust the angle while moving it back up.

Coat Hook

You can hang your coat or jacket on the hook in front of your seat.


The seating surface can be moved to make you feel more relaxed depending on the reclining angle of the backrest.

Center Table

The center table can be adjusted forward and backward after being tilted toward you.

Electrical Outlet

The electrical outlet can be used to charge mobile phones and laptop computers. The installation location varies depending on the aircraft type.

USB Port

The USB port can be used to charge your mobile phone and so on.

Headphone Jack

The headphone jack is located at the end of the armrest.
Check the label.

  • 1

    Air Conditioner
    The air volume of the air conditioner can be adjusted by turning the nozzle. Turning the nozzle counterclockwise increases the intensity of the air conditioner, and turning it clockwise decreases the intensity.

  • 2

    Reading Light
    You can use the reading light when reading.

    • *
      The angle cannot be changed.
  • 3

    Call Button
    Press the call button when you need help. One of our nearby cabin attendants will attend to your needs.

Information on Our Touch Panel LCD Monitors

Monitor specification may differ according to the aircraft type.

Passengers can now start and stop video at the timing of their choice.

Reserve flight

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    Seat availability and fare prices shown may differ based on the number of people you enter in your search.

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Change/confirm reservations

Customers with a ticket reservation

Customers who have completed their reservations can view the details of their reservations from the following list of reservations, and can change or cancel a seat reservation.

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