International flights: Elderly passengers and people with disabilities

Priority boarding

Passengers will be given priority for boarding the aircraft.
When boarding, notify check-in counter staff and come to the boarding gate early.

Wheelchair rental

Wheelchairs are available at departure airports and arrival airports.
Depending on your flight, you may need to travel by bus or use stairs.
Passengers who would like to use a wheelchair or request assistance should notify staff when making a reservation.

  • *
    Note that there are a limited number available, and we may not be able to meet your request in some cases. Thank you for your understanding.
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    We will accept a passenger’s wheelchair as checked baggage at check-in.

Passengers with visual impairments, or with difficulty walking unaided, or who use electric wheelchairs
Passengers with medical oxygen cylinders or severe illness or injury

In some cases, such passengers will require an attendant or special procedures, so we ask that you notify staff when making a reservation.

Customers who require a medical certificate

Customers who use a medical oxygen cylinder in-flight or customers with the following severe illnesses will be required to have the following documents.
Please FAX them in advance to the SF CALL CENTER (For International Flight Reservation and Information).

  • 1
    1 copy (written in English) of a medical certificate that clearly describes that the customer “can travel on an aircraft”
    • *
      The medical certificate must be issued by a doctor within 14 days of the boarding date.
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      You can download a medical certificate here (117 kb).
  • 2
    The device specifications for any medical oxygen cylinder and medical device used in-flight

    FAX number

    SF CALL CENTER (For International Flight Reservation and Information)

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      You may send a FAX in any format.
      FAXes received at 15:00 or later will receive a response the next day.
      Please send your documents at least 5 days prior to your boarding date.

    Please come to the airport check-in counter at least 60 minutes before your departure time on the day of departure.

  • *
    Be sure to bring an original Medical Certificate on the boarding date and present it at the check-in counter.

Passengers travelling with guide dogs, hearing dogs and service dogs

Passengers who want to travel together with their service pets in the cabin may do so at no charge. Please notify staff when making a reservation.

Passengers using an electric wheelchair

Please notify our staff of the size, weight and battery type when making a reservation. Also, please come to the airport check-in counter at least 60 minutes before your departure time on the day of departure.

In-flight support

  • Braille Safety Guide (Japanese version/ English version)

    Braille versions of the in-flight Emergency Facilities Guide pamphlets are available.

  • Writing Boards

    These are available at the check-in counter, in-flight, and security checkpoints as a communication tool for hearing-impaired customers.

  • Pharmaceutical products, medical supplies and medical devices

    Cold medications, painkillers, motion sickness medicine and other over-the-counter medications are available as well as pharmaceuticals and medical supplies (such as intravenous and injection preparations) for physician use in the event of a sudden illness. There is also an automatic external defibrillator on board.

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    Cabin attendants are trained to provide emergency assistance in-flight. In-flight wheelchairs are provided for disabled passengers to use to move around on board a flight. If you are not feeling well, please do not hesitate to notify a cabin attendant.

Reserve flight

1(Age 12+)
0(Age 3-11)
0(Age 0-2)
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    Seat availability and fare prices shown may differ based on the number of people you enter in your search.

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Change/confirm reservations

Customers with a ticket reservation

Customers who have completed their reservations can view the details of their reservations from the following list of reservations, and can change or cancel a seat reservation.

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Check the Flight Status

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