International Flights: Reservations and Purchases

This page provides a step-by-step guide to reserving your ticket to purchasing it.


Reservation Start Date and Purchase Deadline

Reservations can be made from the date specified by the company.

Fare Changes After Reserving and Purchasing

This page provides an explanation on the cost difference in the event the fare differs between at the time the reservation is made and at the time it is purchased.

Convenient Services

Advanced Seat Reservation Service

You can make a seat reservation at the same time you reserve your ticket.

Boarding Guidance Emails

We will notify you of the flight status of your reserved flight by email.


Payment Methods

You can pay by credit card or at a convenience store.

Receipt online service

You can get receipts at the Star Flyer official website.

Reserve flight

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0(Age 3-11)
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    Seat availability and fare prices shown may differ based on the number of people you enter in your search.

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Change/confirm reservations

Customers with a ticket reservation

Customers who have completed their reservations can view the details of their reservations from the following list of reservations, and can change or cancel a seat reservation.

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Check the Flight Status

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