International flights: Restricted items

Items Requiring Special Precautions

The law prohibits bringing dangerous goods on a flight or checking them in baggage. Thank you for your understanding.


To make a reservation on the Internet, it is now mandatory that customers read the Cautions concerning baggage.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Items with Carry-On and Check-In Restrictions

Explosive, flammable, or harmful or potentially hazardous items or those which could damage other items cannot be transported by aircraft by law and may not be checked in or carried on. Knives and any item that can be used as a weapon cannot be carried on board the aircraft.
A list of example items that are prohibited or permitted under certain conditions to be carried on or checked in is available on the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism website. Passengers should ensure in advance that their belongings do not contain any items that can be identified as dangerous goods.

Mobile electronic devices containing lithium batteries

To prevent conditions in which a mobile electronic device using lithium batteries could ignite in a location you cannot see, the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau ordered mandatory safety procedures for the transport of such devices in a Cargo Compartment.

To check-in electronic devices containing lithium batteries

  • 1
    Turn the device completely OFF. (do not put it in Sleep Mode)
  • 2
    To prevent ignition from sudden movement or damage, protect the device in a sturdy suitcase or by wrapping it in clothing.
  • *
    Spare batteries (such as mobile batteries) that use a lithium battery cannot be accepted as checked baggage in the cargo compartment.

Airport Handling of Dangerous Goods

Here is a list of items that require particular care.

  • Lighters Open
    Item (type) Carry-on Checked baggage Remarks
    Gas lighters (Disposable/refillable) × Limited to smoking items for personal use.
    • * For smoking, 1 item per person may be carried into the cabin on one’s person.
    Oil lighters With absorbent cotton ×
    Without absorbent cotton
    (Oil tank lighters)
    × × -
    Cigar lighters
    Pre-mixing lighters
    Turbo lighters, jet lighters, blue frame lighters, etc. × × A pre-mixing lighter is the type of lighter that puts out a “blue flame” and “strong flame” in the same manner as a cigar lighter.

    Lighter types and differences

    • Pre-mixing
      lighter-type flame
      (Carry-on × / Checked baggage ×)

    • Regular lighter flame
      (Carry-on ○ / Checked baggage ×)

  • Hair curlers (curling irons) Open
    Item (type) Carry-on Checked baggage Remarks
    Electrical outlet type -
    Battery type
    (Removable battery models)
    × If the battery is lithium ion, the battery can be removed and carried on board.
    Battery type
    (Non-removable battery models)
    × × -
    Gas-type Models filled with hydrocarbon gas, fitted with a safety cover on the heat source.
    • * Up to 1 per person
    • * Spare hydrocarbon gas cartridges to fill the curling iron may not be carried on or checked.
  • Instant cold packs Open
    Item (type) Carry-on Checked baggage Remarks
    Instant cold pack × × <Item Features>
    When the pack is hit, the chemicals inside react with water and begin cooling.

    (Example) Instant cold pack

  • Other Open
    Item (type) Carry-on Checked baggage Remarks
    E-cigarettes × Limited to items for personal use. Spare batteries must have short-circuit prevention measures in place. Do not charge in the cabin.
    Gas cartridge cabin stove Stoves with no remaining gas.
    (Gas cartridges can not be carried on or checked.)
    Paints/coatings × × -
    Fireworks × × -
    Dry ice Items used to chill fresh foods. Up to 2.5 kg per person

If a passenger has dangerous goods that cannot be carried on or checked, they will be asked to dispose of them in the Abandoned Goods Bin at a security checkpoint.
Please check in any acceptable items as checked baggage at the check-in counter.

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