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In using this site

Thank you for being a valued customer. (hereafter, “this website”) is a website operated by Star Flyer Inc. (hereafter, “Star Flyer”). Before using this website, we ask that you carefully read the website Terms of Use (hereafter, “these terms”) and agree to abide by them in using this site.
If you do not agree, please refrain from use of this website. Moreover, your use of this website implies consent to all of the conditions set forth in these Terms.
If there are sections of this website stipulating separate terms of use, you should carefully read the terms of use before using a section and only use that section after agreeing to those terms.

1. Scope of Application of These Terms

  • 1.
    These terms apply to use of internet services (hereafter, collectively referred to as “the services’) provided by all internet services and Star Flyer that are provided on this website.
  • 2.
    These terms and any provisions Star Flyer stipulates separately concerning the services all comprise parts of these terms.
  • 3.
    If there is disagreement between the content stipulated in these terms and the content stipulated in the provisions of the previous item, the content stipulated in the previous item takes priority.

2. Website Browsing Environment

  • 1.
    It is the customer’s responsibility to provide, at their own cost, the necessary communication environment to use this service, including communications devices, software, telephone service agreement, and internet provider agreements. All communication costs, connection fees and other fees incurred in the use of this service are also the responsibility of the customer.
  • 2.
    The recommended environments to view this site are posted separately in “Recommended Environment

3. Conditions of Use

A customer shall not do the following acts when using this service.

  • 1.
    Acts that infringes on the rights or on the assets of Star Flyer or company affiliates, or action that risks infringement
  • 2.
    In addition to those of the previous item, acts that incurs damage to Star Flyer or company affiliates or acts that risk incurring damage
  • 3.
    Acts of illegal use of IDs or passwords connected to STAR LINK member services for the Star Flyer Mileage Program, or other IDs or passwords (hereafter, “IDs”) used on this website
  • 4.
    Acts using the IDs of others
  • 5.
    Acts to transfer customer IDs to other people or to force others to use them
  • 6.
    Acts to register a person as a member of Star Flyer Mileage Program STAR LINK or acts to reserve flight tickets, hotels or other services as a representative of that other person and without that person’s permission.
  • 7.
    Acts to enter false information or to reserve tickets, hotels or other services
  • 8.
    Acts to illegally use a credit card to use this service
  • 9.
    Acts to upload, submit, post, publish, display or provide by other means software viruses and other computer codes, files or program content designed to obstruct, damage or limit the function of computer software or hardware or communications devices related to this service
  • 10.
    Password mining, hacking and other acts to attempt illegal access of services, accounts, computer systems or a network connected to a server this service provides
  • 11.
    Acts to attempt to access information, content or programs related to this service by means other than the means Star Flyer intentionally makes available
  • 12.
    Acts to obstruct use of all or part of this service by other people
  • 13.
    Acts to slander or post information without grounds of proof about Star Flyer or a third party or the products and services of these entities
  • 14.
    Acts that infringe on the privacy of other people, or acts that risk such infringement by submitting, posting, publishing, displaying or providing telephone numbers, addresses, email addresses and other personal information or private images or video
  • 15.
    Election campaigning or similar acts, regardless of whether taking place during an election period
  • 16.
    Missionary work, solicitation or other acts related to a specific religious group, organization or other bodies
  • 17.
    Acts to use or copy the information or content this service provides beyond the scope of the customer’s own personal use. Further, acts to release copied information or content to a third party or to use in conjunction with a third party are not included within the scope of a customer’s own personal use.
  • 18.
    Acts to upload or send by other means, to this service, information and contents to which the customer does not have rights of transfer by law or under legal contract
  • 19.
    Acts to use the information, content, programs or other intellectual property rights to which Star Flyer holds copyright without the advance written consent of Star Flyer
  • 20.
    Acts to infringe on the intellectual property rights and other rights of a third party, or acts that risk such infringement
  • 21.
    Acts that lead to, or risk leading to criminal acts
  • 22.
    Acts to obstruct, or acts that risk to obstruct the operation of this service
  • 23.
    Acts to damage, or acts that risk damage of the credibility of Star Flyer
  • 24.
    Acts that oppose or acts that risk the opposition of public policy or laws and ordinances
  • 25.
    Acts that Star Flyer determines to be inappropriate to the service outside of those listed in the previous items

4. Violation of these terms

  • 1.
    If Star Flyer determines that a customer has violated any of the conditions of these terms, Star Flyer can take measures it determines necessary against said customer without notifying the customer in advance.
  • 2.
    If a customer violates these terms and causes damage to Star Flyer as a result, Star Flyer can claim compensation from said customer for the damages incurred.
  • 3.
    The customer shall compensate damages at the customer’s responsibility and cost in the event that a third party incurs damage as a result of the customer’s use of this service and shall resolve disputes with said third party, and shall not cause Star Flyer any inconvenience whatsoever.

5. General Disclaimer

  • 1.
    Star Flyer shall not be responsible for any damages incurred by the customer related to use of this service except when the damages are incurred intentionally by Star Flyer or as a result of the Company’s gross negligence.
  • 2.
    Star Flyer pays the utmost care in ensuring the quality or the information or content provided by this service, but does not in any way guarantee the accuracy, completeness, legitimacy or any other quality of said information or content. Star Flyer also bears no responsibility whatsoever for any damages a customer or third party incur that arise as a result of said information or content.
  • 3.
    Star Flyer bears no responsibility whatsoever for damages incurred as a result of customer use of this website, or customer nonuse of this website, except in cases where damages incurred arise as a result of Star Flyer intent or gross negligence.
  • 4.
    The customer agrees that defect liability and other legal responsibilities concerning the product or services provided through this service by Star Flyer affiliates or parties other than Star Flyer return to the provider of said products or services.
  • 5.
    Star Flyer is not responsible whatsoever for software or hardware malfunctions or defects arising from use of the website, failures of the communication environment, trouble occurring between the customer and a third party, or other losses incurred by other circumstances.

6. Responsibilities for provision of service

  • 1.
    Star Flyer may change or cancel the content of this service without notice.
  • 2.
    Star Flyer is not responsible for any disadvantage or damages whatsoever that are incurred by the customer arising from changes to or cancellation of the previous item.
  • 3.
    Star Flyer may suspend or terminate all or part of this service without notice if any of the following circumstances apply.
    • (1)
      When the equipment used to provide this service or network system is inspected or updated
    • (2)
      When it is difficult to provide this service due to fire, power outage, natural disaster or other force majeure
    • (3)
      When telecommunications company duties are not offered
    • (4)
      When it is necessary for Star Flyer to suspend or terminate this service or when it is determined difficult to provide this service due to operational or technical circumstances outside of those listed in the previous Items
  • 4.
    Star Flyer is not responsible whatsoever for disadvantages or damages incurred by the customer arising from the suspension or termination of the previous items

7. Privacy policy

Star Flyer shall handle customer personal information appropriately based on the “Privacy Policy” stipulated elsewhere to enable customers to confidently use the site. Customers should carefully read the policy and use the service after they agree to our policy.

8. Intellectual property rights

  • 1.
    The copyrights for the literary works of this service return to Star Flyer or the provider of a written work. These copyrights include website architecture, design, illustrations, photographs, text and all other written works. Customers shall not copy, distribute, publish, publicly transmit or otherwise act on these written works for any purpose other than personal use on an individual or within a household scale. Please refrain from transferring (this includes, but is not limited to, copying, uploading, posting or citing) information and programs on this website to a homepage on another website or to printed material. Customers shall not use the written materials posted on this website without permission outside the scope recognized in copyright law.
  • 2.
    The rights to trademarks displayed on this website return to Star Flyer or the rightful claimant who acknowledged Star Flyer use of such. Customers shall not use these trademarks without permission from the rightful claimant.

9. Changes to terms

  • 1.
    Star Flyer may change these terms without approval of the customer and the customer shall be bound to the terms after such change. Customers are requested to review the latest content of the terms.
  • 2.
    Post-change terms are effective as of the time they are posted on this website, except when otherwise specified by Star Flyer.

10. Links

Persons who want to create links to this website should carefully read these terms and agree to them before applying to do so. You will be contacted by Star Flyer.

11. Individual terms of service

Star Flyer and other affiliates shall follow terms specified elsewhere in separate terms of service or by other means concerning reservation of tickets, hotels and other services, changes to or cancellation of reservations, and other means of using this service.

12. Governing law, resolution of disputes and competent court

  • 1.
    Interpretation of the establishment, effect and observance of these terms and this service agreement shall be according to the laws of Japan.
  • 2.
    If a dispute arises between Star Flyer or an affiliate and a customer concerning these terms or an agreement concerning use of this service, all parties shall negotiate in good faith and endeavor to resolve the dispute.
  • 3.
    All disputes arising from these terms shall be subject to Fukuoka District Court as the competent court of first instance.

Supplementary provisions

These terms are effective as of May 29, 2019.

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