International Flights: Baggage Information

Information for carry-on baggage.

Carry-on Baggage

Carry-on Baggage

Each passenger can carry up to one piece of baggage on board. Please note that there are restrictions on the weight and size.

Size Total Dimensions must be within 115 cm (55 cm x 40 cm x 25 cm).
Number of Baggage 1/person
Weight Up to 10 kg

Baggage may not be accepted to be carried on board even if it meets the stipulated size and weight.

Passengers are required to purchase an additional seat if two or more seats are required, for example, when carrying fragile baggage that exceeds the carry-on baggage size (instruments, paintings, etc.) into the cabin. Please contact the SF Call Center (International Flight Reservation & Information Center) regarding the purchase of an additional seat.

Restrictions on Carry-on Liquids

Carry-on liquids will be restricted as follows

  • 1
    Any liquids, gels, aerosols must be carried in containers with a capacity no larger than 100 ml* each.
    Any liquids in containers with a capacity of more than 100 ml even if the content is less than 100 ml are also not permitted to be carried on and must be placed in the checked baggage.
    Please check these in at the counter. Includes beverages, creams, lotions, oils, perfumes, sprays, shampoos, shaving foam, and deodorants, in aerosol or semi-solid forms such as toothpaste, etc.
    • *
      100ml = 100 grams
  • 2
    Those containers must be placed in a transparent, resealable plastic bag (zip-locked bag) with a volume no larger than one liter (1,000 ml), and a two side total no larger than 40 cm. The containers must fit into the bag which must be completely closed.
    Please prepare the plastic bag in advance on your own.
  • 3
    Each passenger is permitted to carry on board only one such bag.
    Upon security check, present the transparent plastic bag separately from other baggage.

For more information, please see the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport website.

Handling of Medicine, Baby Milk, Baby Food, Special Dietary Needs

Medications, baby milk / baby food, and restricted food for special dietary requirements of an amount required during the flight can be carried on board without placing them in a transparent plastic bag.
However, baby milk and baby food is only permitted for passengers traveling with an infant.
Regarding medication, a copy of the prescription or a medical certificate issued by a medical practitioner indicating the name of the illness, etc., may be requested upon security check.

Handling of Duty-Free Goods

Handling at the Departure Airport

  • Alcoholic beverages purchased at the duty-free shops in the departure airport can be carried onboard and must not be opened.
  • Receipts must be placed inside the bag as evidence of purchase.

Checking in Your Baggage

Baggage for Check-in

When checking in baggage, be at the departure lobby and baggage counter no later than 40 minutes prior to departure.

Size Total Dimensions must be within 203 cm*1
Weight We accept baggage totaling less than 30kg per person free of charge.**2
Number of Baggage Numbers are not limited*3
  • *1
    When checking in large luggage whose total dimension (length, width, and height) exceeds 203cm, please contact SF CALL CENTER in advance. However, those luggage may not be able to be checked in, depending on space availability.
  • *2
    The weight of each luggage must be no more than 32 kg, and the total weight must be no more than 100 kg.
    Luggage of up to 10 kg can be checked in for infants travelling without a seat.
  • *3
    Your luggage must be within the size and weight limits.
  • *
    Baby strollers, baby beds, and child seats shall not be included in the weight of the check-in baggage and will be eligible for free check-in.

Excess Baggage Charges

If baggage exceeds the weight stated in the above, excess baggage charges will be incurred. Please note that the rates will vary, depending on the location of departure (Japan or Taipei).

From Japan JPY 1,000/kg
From Taipei (Taoyuan) TWD 300/kg

Checked Pets

Pets are not allowed to be carried aboard international flights.

For handicapped passengers traveling with a guide dog, an animal travel documentation will be required.

Baggage Restrictions

Baggage that Requires Special Care

Please note that dangerous goods cannot be carried onboard or checked in.


When making online reservations, you are required to read the baggage precautions.

Carry-on Baggage and Check-in Baggage Restrictions

Baggage with the risk of exploding, catching fire, causing injuries or damaging other goods is prohibited by law to transport by air, and therefore cannot be checked-in or carried onboard. In addition, any cutlery with the risk of being used as a weapon cannot be carried onboard.

Portable Electronic Devices with Built-in Lithium-Ion Batteries

In order to prevent the combustion of portable electronic devices with lithium-ion batteries while unsupervised, the Civil Aviation Bureau has introduced safety regulations for transporting such devices in cargo rooms.

When checking electronic devices with built-in lithium-ion battery

  • 1
    Turn off the device. (Sleep mode is not allowed)
  • 2
    In order to prevent fire due to accidental operation or damages, please pack the device inside a solid suitcase or wrap in clothes.
  • *
    Spare batteries (portable mobile batteries, etc.) using lithium batteries cannot be checked in the cargo room.

Handling at the Airport

Here are some items that require special attention

  • LightersOpen
    Category (Type) Carry-on Check-in Notes
    Gas Lighters (Disposable or Gas-Filled Types) × Limited to personal use (smoking)
    • * 1 lighter for smoking/person is allowed onboard to be carried in their personal belongings
    Oil Lighters With absorbent material (cotton) ×
    Without absorbent material (cotton)
    (Oil Fuel Lighters)
    × × -
    Cigar Lighters
    (Pre-Mixed Lighters)
    Turbo Lighters, Jet Lighters, Blue Flame Lighters, etc. × × Pre-mixed lighters refer to cigar lighters which are a type of lighter that generates a blue flame or a strong flame.

    About types of lighters and differences among them

    • Type of Flames Generated by Pre-Mixed Lighters
      (Carry-on× / Check-in×)

    • Normal Lighter Flame
      (Carry-on○ / Check-in×)

  • Hair Curlers (Hair Irons)Open
    Category (Type) Carry-on Check-in Notes
    Plug-In Type -
    × If batteries are lithium-ion batteries, the removed batteries can be carried aboard.
    (Devices with Built-In Batteries)
    × × -
    Gas Type A lighter that is filled with hydrocarbon gases, with safety cover attached to the heat source
    • * 1/person
    • * Hydrocarbon-hydrogen gas cartridges cannot be checked in nor carried aboard
  • Instant ice packOpen
    Category (Type) Carry-on Checked Notes
    Instant ice pack × × <Item Property>
    Cooling packs when hit, starts cooling due to the reaction between the chemicals and the water inside.

    (Example)Instant ice pack

  • OthersOpen
    Category (Type) Carry-on Check-in Notes
    E-Cigarette × Limited to personal use. Spare batteries must be treated with prevention measures for short circuits. Do not charge onboard the flight
    Camping Gas Stove Limit only without residual gas
    (Gas cylinders cannot be checked in nor carried onboard)
    Paints × × -
    Fireworks × × -
    Dry Ice Used for cooling perishable products. Up to 2.5 kg/person

All hazardous materials that cannot be carried onboard or checked in shall be disposed of in the restricted item bin.
For items that can be transported if checked in, please check them in at the baggage counter as a check-in baggage.

Instruments and other large baggage


As carry-on baggage

You may be required to pay extra charges when carrying instruments onboard.
Please note that certain instruments such as contrabasses cannot be carried onboard.

As checked baggage

Please check in the instrument at the baggage counter. If the baggage exceeds the free check-in baggage weight limit, excess baggage charges will be incurred.


1(Age 12+)
0(Age 2-11)
0(Age 0-1)
  • *
    Search results for seating availability and airfare may vary per the number of travelers.


Verification and modification of reservation

Passengers who have already made reservations can confirm their reservation content, change their seat assignment or cancel their reservation from the reservation list below.