Sprit of Japan

Riding the Wind into the Future

© 西日本放送/企画:民間放送教育協会

Shodoshima Island in Kagawa Prefecture is located in the Seto Inland Sea.
Known as the largest olive-growing area in Japan, there is a food manufacturer that uses local ingredients and focuses on making delicious products. The company has 40 employees, all of whom are residents of the island.
The president, Mr. Kuwabara, who was born and raised on Shodoshima, also windsurfs.
He started at the age of 23 and has already been surfing for more than 30 years. Regardless of the season, he goes to the beach near his home on holidays. Last year, the company launched a project to commercialize a Japanese confectionery using strawberries, a specialty of Shodoshima. We take a look at the daily lives of the company president, who rides the waves to take on the challenge of creating delicious products, and his employees, who enjoy working there.

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